Helping learning organizations give Canadians a head start


Computers for Schools is a national program that refurbishes computers donated from government, private business and individuals for use by schools, libraries, registered not-for-profit organizations and First Nations communities.

CFS-NB is a registered charity and is affiliated with the National Computer for Schools Program. In 1993, an Advisory Committee was created with representatives from various areas of education, Telephone Pioneers, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, libraries and private enterprise to administer the cleaning, refurbishment, and distribution of surplus computer units to schools and libraries. In 1999, the Advisory Committee of CFS-NB incorporated to become Computers for Education Technology New Brunswick Limited.

For information on the Computers for Schools program at the national level
please see the web site here or call 1-800-575-9200.

To date CFS-NB has distributed more than 115,000 computers to public schools, First Nation schools, public libraries, non-profit organizations and special projects in New Brunswick. Placing computers into classrooms means that New Brunswick students gain hands-on experience with computers, and other technology, which facilitates the development of new skills.

On top of all this, CFS-NB also provides environmental benefits by ensuring that computer systems do not end up in landfill sites but are, instead, reused and/or recycled.